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Server Updates

Posted by Danny on 26th May 2017

Over the coming month we will be decommissioning or replacing a number of our older servers. If you manually enter your server details into your device or system you will need to update the server IP details. Please check the members area for updated details.

OpenVPN Setup TutorialVPNUK for Android coming soon!!

Posted by Danny on 24th December 2016

The long awaitied VPNUK for Android app development is nearing completion and will be ready for beta testing over the coming few weeks. The app contains a whole host of options and features with connections to the VPNUK service possible through OpenVPN and VPNUK Eclipse. The app will also allow users the possibility of SmartDNS check-in and members area access to aid with account administration.

When will the app be ready?

We are looking at a general release date at the beginning of 2017 beta testing is currently taking place. The app will be available as a direct download from the VPNUK website as well as all VPNUK mirror locations, the VPNUK for Android app will will also be submitted to Play Store for inclusion.

VPNUK for Android Features!

The VPNUK For Android v1 application will contain many useful features.

1. Auto updating serverlist.
As with all VPNUK software, the serverlist automatically updates to include new servers and any changes to existing server configuration.

2. Server Information overview.
Each server displays country and city location information as well as the server name and port speed.

3. Connections over OpenVPN TCP and UDP.
Supports connection made over OpenVPN through both UDP and TCP protocols and all available ports.

4. VPNUK Eclipse compatibility.
Added compatibility with the VPNUK Eclipse service meaning users connecting to VPNUK from countries using DPI techniques will have the added benefit of meta data scrambling for added security and anonymity.

5. SmartDNS check-in.
Members area access allowing easier SmartDNS check-in features from inside the app.

6. Members area login.
Complete account administration control from inside the app.

7. Instant account activation.
New users will have the ability to sign up for a free trial and gsin instant account activation, there is no waiting for account creation.

If you would like to help us beta test the VPNUK for Android app please contact our support team.

Profile and Password manager addition

Posted by Danny on 10th December 2016

OpenVPN Setup TutorialWe have added more functionality to the Windows based OpenVPN Assistant with the new addition of the Password and Profile Manager (OpenVPN Housekeeping). We have added the ability for users to manage multiple profiles from an easy to use interface from within the OpenVPN Assistant application.

About the Password and Profile Manager

You can now carry out all of these functions from an easy to use interface:

1. Create new OpenVPN configuration. This option will assist you in adding another server profile to an existing profile.
2. Rename existing OpenVPN configuration. This option will assist you in renaming an active profile (friendly name).
3. Delete existing OpenVPN configuration. This option will allow you to delete an existing profile.
4. Add account to OpenVPN. This option will create a new account profile into OpenVPN. You will then be given the option of which account to connect to from the OpenVPN GUI each time you connect to the VPN.
5. Rename OpenVPN account or change password. This option will assist you in changing your account username or password.
6. Delete account from OpenVPN. This option will enable you to delete any unused account profiles from OpenVPN.

The update is automatically updated on first run so you do not need to download or install anything manually. If you have not updated OpenVPN for a while, its a good idea to do so. THere have been a number of updates recently which all help with functgionality. You can update OpenVPN from the OpenVPN Assistant and selct the option to Install or Update OpenVPN.

Removal of PPTP VPN on iOS 10 and macOS Sierra

Posted by Danny on 30th September 2016

If you’ve set up a PPTP connection on your VPNUK account you will soon have to remove it when upgrading to iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. Apple users will not be able to connect to PPTP. iOS 10 and macOS Sierra will remove PPTP connections from any VPN profile when a user upgrades their device.

The PPTP protocol is still available on iOS 9 and earlier or OS X El Capitan and earlier.

Alternatives to PPTP connections from VPNUK

Try one of these other VPN protocols:

Whilst this might be a strange decision, which is supposed to encourage Apple’s customers to switch to more secure VPN protocols, it is understandable that some of the users may be facing some inconveniences due to it, at least temporarily.

Live TV Service!!

Posted by Danny on 09th September 2016

With so many people looking for a quality TV service we have decided to launch a HD quality IPTV service.

Running through any active worldwide internet connection with a recommended minimum speed of 3mbps this excellent service is compatible with PC’s, Mac’s and Linux computers as well as all Apple and Android devices such as iPhone and iPad and Android phones and tablets. There is compatibility with Samsung and LG Smart TV’s through the Smart IPTV app available in the App Store on those televisions. Our Live TV service also works on Amazon Fire TV devices and Chromecast.

What does this service offer?

Live TV Store offers the best Live TV service providing Live TV, film and Sport from around the world. Over 1500+ FTA and Premium channels including Sky UK, Sky Deutchland, Sky Italia, NBC Sports, BeIN, Canal+, Star, MIO, Arena, RAI, Calcio, TSN, Viasat, TVP, Digi, RTP, Fox, RTL, and many more from all around the world. Watch Live Football, Formula 1, the latest film and cinema as well as regular free to air TV directly from countries like the UK, USA, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, and many more. Go to the Live TV Store website here: to view the current Channel List.

Features and Benefits of the Live TV Service!

Live TV Store provides access to the worlds best TV providers, FTA and Premium TV, Film and Sport. Watch HD quality TV from around the world.

As well as regular viewing on Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple iPad and Android. You can also watch the Live TV Store - Live TV service directly on your Samsung or LG Smart TV as if you were watching Live HD TV.

The Live TV Store - Live TV Service - works in any country on any computer or device. You do not need a DNS or VPN for our Live TV service.

For more information please visit the Live TV Store website here:


OpenVPN Setup TutorialVPNUK now taking orders over the Telephone!

Posted by Danny on 15th December 2015

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to take orders for the VPNUK service in person. You can now call us on any of our contact numbers and place an order directly with us over the telephone. Whether you would like to place a new order or renew an existing account with a one-off payment or recurring payment, we can now assist you in person. The order process is very simple and instant, we can process the payment and create the account for you whilst you are on the telephone and then email the account details to you..

We have introduced this service in conjunction with our Debit Card and Credit Card payment provider DalPay Retail. You can subscribe safely with your credit or debit card. DalPay Retail is an authorised retailer of goods and services supplied by VPNUK. +18778657746 will appear on your card statement.

So, how do I place an order over the Telephone?

Its very easy, just call us on any of our telephone numbers and we will create your account for you whilst you are on the telephone and then send your details to you instantly.

You can contact us on any of the following numbers:
UK: +44 (0) 203 608 6599
USA: +1 702 9240633
Spain: +34 902 848 027

You can also use our International Number: +883 510 001 193 452

Is this type of payment safe?

Yes of course, we do not ever store any of your credit card details, they are immediately entered into an SSL secure virtual terminal and processed by our credit card retail partner DalPay.

What if I choose to cancel the account?

If you opt for a recurring payment and choose to cancel the account at any time you can contact us via the telephone, through our email ticketing system or through our Live Help service to request a cancellation, we arrange that for you instantly.

OpenVPN Setup TutorialApple iOS and OS X now support IKEv2!

Posted by Danny on 9th November 2015

The IKEv2 band waggon is gathering pace and becoming a popular choice of VPN connection for many users.

IKEv2 has been compatible with Windows systems for quite a few years, having been developed by Microsoft in conjunction with Cisco. Blackberry added compatibility a couple of years ago on their x10 devices, Linux* has some kind of compatibility and now Apple have jumped on board and added support of the IKEv2 protocol in their lastest OS X release El Capitan and iOS versions 8+.

So, just what is IKEv2?

Well, its real name is 'Internet Key Exchange version 2' it's an IPSEC protocol created jointly by Microsoft and Cisco, it's been native to Windows for a number of years, since Windows 7 to be exact. The protocol is supported by newer Blackberry devices, and available for Linux* and now Apple iOS and OS X El Capitan.

What we really like about IKEv2 is its lack of overheads which means its very fast, its also good at keeping hold of a VPN connection, this is especially usful on mobile devices being used in poor signal areas that frequently lose signal. IKEv2 will automatically re-connect if the connection drops due to its MOBIKE protocol!

VPNUK Security and PrivacyWhat are the benefits of IKEv2 Connections?

Well, its lack of PPP overheads means its faster than PPTP and L2TP. Its increadibly stable and very secure, but what makes it a must for our users is, its very easy to easy to setup, especially on iOS and OS X, we will send you the configuration files, all you have to do is click install and connect!

We are also adding this to our new Connection Assistant Software release v15, due for release in December.

OK, so what is the downside to IKEv2, I hear you say?
Probably the biggest pitfall for IKEv2 is the fact that it uses the same port as an L2TP and PPTP setup, so it's quite simple for ISPs and Network Adminstrators to to block the connection, thats when compared to the likes of OpenVPN or our VPNUK Eclipse service.

Its still a mighty fine connection though and one we recommend everyone try, at least once!

OpenVPN Setup TutorialOpenVPN Assistant v2.41!

Posted by Danny on 3rd August 2015

The VPNUK software application OpenVPN Assistant version 2.41 has been released and it now includes a whole host of new features and improvements. The first major improvement is the inclusion of our long awaited VPNUK Eclipse (obfuscation) service.

VPNUK Eclipse has been specifically designed to assist users suffering problems with network restrictions and ISP filtering, the methodology behind this unique configuration will help unblock even the strictest firewalls by scrambling meta data. Our Windows Based OpenVPN Assistant v2.41 has been updated to include the new VPNUK Eclipse service for OpenVPN connections.

What is obfuscation?

Some countries like China, for example, enjoying nothing more than filtering their users internet connection, they wil use a method called DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) which can be a very sophisticated blocking method. The thing is, countries like China don’t just filter traffic by its source, destination or port, they filter traffic by the content the packets carry. Unfortunately, it’s not just these countries that deploy DPI technologies, but some private companies also use such techniques in order to monitor their employees.

VPNUK Security and PrivacyWhat does VPNUK Eclipse do to get past these blocks?

It quite simply scrambles the meta data that is being sent back and forth so as to block out the DPI process from being able to monitor and recognise data is being carried over a VPN connection. So, first off we add at least two levels of encryption as with all of our standard OpenVPN connections. This comprises of a 128 bit initialisation channel and then a 256 bit control channel over OpenVPN, added to that we send all traffic over an SSL connection, through a globally recognised SSL port and then add obfuscation into the mix, there you have it! It results in pretty much the strongest encryption level currently available in the world!

DNS leak protection, SmartDNS check-in & WebRTC protection

The OpenVPN assistant v2.41 has also seen the inclusion of a brand new component designed at helping users with all manner of DNS configurations. From Leak protection to SmartDNS inclusion. First off, DNS leak protection has been added to assist any users having problems with routing once connected to VPNUK service. WebRTC Protection has been added to protect our users against the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Web RTC browser vunerability. This issue has nothing to do with the VPNUK service but we feel we must help our users overcome this flaw in their browser and have included the fix so as to be sure there are never any issues. You can read more about the WebRTC vunerability here:

SmartDNS is getting smarter!

Posted by Danny on 21st July 2015

We always strive to make our SmartDNS service better, we are continually whitelisting streaming media services to work through the SmartDNS service. In the coming few weeks we will be adding https masquerading support which we are confident offer far greater translation, and in turn will help with problematic devices and services.

We will also continue to to provide the SmartDNS service as a free addon to all VPNUK accounts, and hope that the SmartDNS system continues to provide an invaluable service to so many of our users.

We are available around the clock to assist with any problems our users may encounter.

More servers, more countries!

Posted by Danny on 21st July 2015

We are constantly updating the VPNUK service and now have well over 100 servers located in 24 countries. The countries we currently have VPN servers in are: UK, USA, Switzerland, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Russia, Singapore, Luxembourg, Poland, Egypt, Australia, Hong Kong, Iceland, Panama and France. We are introducing a new server located in Japan in the coming few weeks.

PayPal Subscription Issue

Posted by Danny on 18th May 2015

Users of PayPal may receive an email from PayPal informing them that their VPNUK subscription has been cancelled. We have had some issues with our PayPal business account which has resulted in us having to completely alter our settings. Unfortunately, this has led to many active subscriptions being cancelled by PayPal. There is nothing to be concerned about, all accounts are still very much active, and our system will notify all users once their accounts become due for renewal at the end of its current billing cycle.

You do not need to do anything until our account handling system informs you of your pending expiry date. Our system will provide plenty of notice and the renewal procedure should be very quick from the members control panel of our website.

Users also have the option of many other payment solutions to choose from should anyone choose not to continue with the PayPal payments service.

We are available around the clock to assist with any problems our users may encounter.

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